Must Know Facts and Information About IP Addresses

Internet protocol address’ is the full form of IP address. It is a unique number that represents the IP acts as an identifier of any internet accessed device. The IP address is always written as a series of numbers including periods as dots.

IPv4 and IPv6 are two only versions of global IPs. IPv4 (Protocol version 4) was the first public IP address and IPvs4’s 32-bit address has already been used to connect 4 billion devices. While IPv6 is the most recent IP version, it consists of eight groups of four-digit numbers. The IP was launched to deliver service to more addresses as an upgrade. Now, the number of IPv6 is that much high that it is next to impossible to count them.

There are two major jobs of an IP address, first – identifying the host/network interface and secondly – providing the host location. Resulting, it provides an established pathway to the host in order to access the internet. When we surf the internet or send an email, to access internet we use the network of our hired internet service provider (ISP). Here, to successfully create a connection and to record the activities to identify, our computers use IP.

how to find out ip address

There are only two types of IP addresses that are static and dynamic. A dynamic IP can be changed over time but a static IP would remain the same always.

Static IP addresses are more suitable for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and online gaming applications. It facilitates you with the faster speed of uploads and downloads. However, it is easier to track your PC’s activities on the internet as your IP is reaming same. It costs you higher when you decide to obtain a static IP address.

A dynamic IP address changes with time, it is like whenever you are using the internet, you are using a different IP every time. This kind of IP can protect you more as it gives you more privacy and is competitively cheaper than the static one. However, it is difficult to keep a track on your internet activities as it changes with time; hence it is not beneficial in case you want to see a record of your long-term internet surfing history.

Now, most of you people would be having a question - How do I know if My IP is static or dynamic? To get the answer you can contact your internet service provider and they would provide you the information and they are only authorized personals to change your IP address type. There’s another way to figure out if you are using a static or dynamic IP, follow the below-mentioned steps.

          Open “Command Prompt”
          Type - ipconfig /all
          Press enter.
          Just next to ‘DHCP Enabled’ find whether it says a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

If it shows ‘Yes’ - it means it is dynamic IP address.
If it says a ‘No’, your pc is running on a static IP address.

Internet service providers give us a choice of choosing between dynamic and static. Dynamic is preferable as it is hard to hack due to its changing behavior. The static IP address is preferably used in corporate offices where a majority of systems run on a specified IP.


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