Make Your Long & Messy URLs Manageable Through Link Shortener Service!

URL shorteners or link shorteners are services that help shortening the long URLs. Link shorteners take long URLs and transform them into short and manageable links that rarely exceed the limit of 20 characters. With the help of Link shortener service, 100 character long URLs can easily be converted into the 20 characters one. This shortening makes no difference in the working of the link. When one clicks on the shortened link, it will redirect them to the targeted page only which is associated to the long one.

Link shortener services are nothing new to the phenomenon, they have been around for more than a decade but its popularity has skyrocketed in the recent years only. Thanks to Twitter! The rise of Twitter has given the huge hype to link shortening as it allows only 140 characters in a post.

URL Link Shortener

As a matter of fact URL shorteners are really good for web culture, website improvement and the expansion of the opinion. Let’s describe it in detail how link shortening can help you and your business expand your idea on the global realm of internet.

It Makes Links More Manageable For SEO - No, not all of the links are apt for the SEO reasons. Most of the links are too long and messy, which create problems for SEO to improve your website and make it rank high in search engine result pages. Long URLs might help describe the content but are not manageable and easy to share on emails, web pages and social media sites like Twitter, Facebook etc. Thanks to Link Shortener sites that help solve the problem and make long links more manageable to share.

It Gives Enough Room To Give Your Views In A Post - Link shortening service allows us to simply fit more content in less space. Understand it in this way - Twitter allows on 140 characters to enter in a tweet and in such a tight space if your link is around 100 characters long, there will be no enough room left for you to describe your view on certain topic. Link shortening service shortens the 100 characters long URL into 20 characters long. Hence, there is sufficient space left for one to give his/her opinion on the particular point while giving the good example of the same through inserting a link.

However, Twitter is not the only place where the short URLs are useful. Conciseness is really practical in all of your online marketing efforts. Whether you are using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Goggle+, Pinterest or any other social media site, save your readers' eyes; shorten your long links and be sure to see a better click-through on your posts.

Comprehending the importance of link shortening is extremely imperative in all your marketing efforts whether you are promoting your own products and services or advertising for an affiliate marketer, who is looking to gain leads into your flock.

Do give a try to link shorteners and see the difference in your marketing campaign yourself!


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