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This is the first post about web service iplogger.org from IPLOGGER Team!

Here we will be posting news, share little secrets about some unpublished features of iplogger.org, answer the most often questions from our users, publish links to the best videos and posts about our service and many many other interesting things.

iplogger.org is a unique web service for collection of the most sophisticated statistics about visitors of your blog, forum or website. Website iplogger.org provides the following unique features:

- Find someone's IP address and geo-location, information about operating system, device type and browser with invisible ip logger image.

- Shorten URL and get access to the detailed statistics of each click, including IP address, location and other information
- Unique IP informers and visitor counters for your forum or blog
- What is my IP address - Check what is your external IP as well as an internal network IP address assigned to your device by router
- URL Checker for checking any URL for hidden redirects
- IP Lookup - get information about any IP address, including location of the server, Internet Service Provider (ISP) and other details

We hope you enjoy iplogger.org!


  1. Can anyone help me to find my brother device location, his whatsapp number +905385791489, If find plz send to abdmanss@yahoo.com

    1. Our team does not provide this kind of services. However, you can check Help section on iplogger.org and try to find phone location using iplogger.org web service on your own.

      Follow our blog where we will be posting a lot of tutorials on how to use iplogger.org!

      Best Regards, iplogger.org Team

  2. My iplogger id is no longer being recognized and showing me results. I've been using it for years but now it says its invalid. Can anyone give advice or tell me if there's been a revamping and if it is indeed no longer valid?

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